This Is What Kenyans Felt About Uhuru’s Daughter Accompanying The President To France


Did you see how Ngina, President Uhuru Kenyatta’s daughter was dressed during the welcoming of Pope Francis last Wednesday? Apparently, Kenyans were not happy when she appeared in sexy and skinny jeans. With only a few days gone after the Pope left the country, Kenyans on twitter are wondering why Ngina and Margaret Kenyatta, our first lady accompanied the President to attend a high profile meeting held in Paris, France.

This comes after photos of the two were posted all over twitter and other social platforms. As the National Treasury is thinking about austerity measures that will help to plug the budget deficit, we had the largest team attending this meeting. Although we do not want to point an accusing finger to anyone, it does not make sense to have measures that we are not implemented. On the same note, this does not stop the president from being a good father.

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