Facebook On Fire After Donald Trump Calls President Uhuru Kenyatta A Conman

Barely a month after he allegedly endorsed Raila Odinga to become Kenya’s next president, “Donald Trump” has decided to attack President Uhuru Kenyatta by calling him a Conman. According to”Trump”, Uhuru is a dangerous man to entrust the leadership of this nation in his hands. He went ahead to question why the president decided to carry his community to Paris, France to attend a meeting they knew nothing about when millions of Kenyans are going without food and other basic needs.

Although the whole story is an obvious hoax, it is hard to convince Kenyans that Donald has no time to keep writing such statements on facebook. The story has been spreading like bushfire with thousands of people including respected bloggers sharing it with their readers. I was shocked to realize that even The Insyder, which is one of the reputable blogs, posted the same story. This reminds me about Mugabe’s fake story on corruption in Kenya that left many Kenyans including the likes of Caroline Mutoko talking.

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