This Is The Guy Who Killed Robert Alai’s Brother, Tom Alai

Blogger Robert Alai is tracking down the motorist behind the mysterious death of his brother, Tom Alai. With the great love he has for his family, there was no way Alai could let the killer walk away without “paying for his sins”, as my religious friend from the Catholic Church would say. The deceased’s body was found at City mortuary a few days after his disappearance.

Tom Alai died under unclear circumstances after he was knocked down by a speeding motorist along Waiyaki way. After the incident, the “Good Samaritan” alleged that he was taking him to hospital only to dump his body around Kikuyu area where it was discovered. With his experience and contacts, Alai has identified the motorist’s car and registration number as Toyota NZE KBR 346R. The blogger has also sent the motorist a stun warning asking him to present himself to the police or he will get to him soon.

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