This Is The Lady Who Died During Strathmore’s Drill Of Death

Studies and administrative activities at Strathmore University were disrupted on Monday after a botched security drill led to the death of one lady leaving 30 students with serious injuries. The security drill was not planed professionally and according to reliable sources, there were no prior information to the university fraternity of a possible drill.
Photos of the lady scared to death who dared to jump from a storey building are now going viral on social media. Her family struggled to swallow the bitter truth after they were informed that she died hours after falling from a building where she worked. Students state that the drill was highly organized to an extent that those in charge used guns and fired in the air with some adorning the Alshabab militia uniform and masks.

In a statement to newsrooms, the university is planning to take care of the medical expenses of all the injured students who were running for their lives, while the fate of the bereaved family hangs loosely in the air. She was a member of staff and the university identified her name as Esther Kidambi working in the catering department.

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