This Is What Happened Before A Lorry Rammed Into A Commuter Train Along Outer Ring Road This Morning

Just like corruption and most Kenyan politicians, our roads and accidents seem inseparable. Despite the effort made by the government to ensure road safety, the rate at which Kenyans are dying on the roads is alarming. This morning there was yet another accident after a lorry rammed into a commuter while driving along Outer Ring Road. The accident took place near Kenya National Cereal facility.

The Embakasi train was travelling towards town when the driver of the lorry rammed into one of its coaches. Although there are no casualties reported so far, this is saddening news not only for Nairobi residents but also the entire nation considering the festive season. Unlike other countries where citizens travel with the peace of mind knowing that they will arrive safely, anything can happen on our roads because of the poor state. We will keep you updated about the events at the scene later on.

Here are more photos:

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