This Is How Rich Caroline Mutoko Is And Check Out How She Spoils Her Daughter Rotten

When Caroline Mutoko adopted Theodora Nduku 5 years ago she was called all manner of names, from barren to non-wife material. Some even thought this was a stunt to gain publicity. However, it seems like she is now having the last laugh. In a three-part series, the former radio queen has decided to show her followers the journey she has had with her daughter for the past 5 years. To say the least I wish she had adopted me instead.

In some of the photos shared, Theodora Nduku is seen golfing and basically having the latest technological devices money can buy. With this new light on the daughter, Caroline has single handedly managed to give the youngster a sort of a celebrity status. If the comments made in the posts were anything to go by, it seems Kenyans are pleased and envious of the lavish lifestyle Caroline has given her daughter and can’t wait for more from her.

Here are some of the photos:






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