Mike Sonko Confesses About His Notorious Weed Addiction

People began the year 2016 in very different ways. Mike Sonko however started his with a rather shocking confession about his past. According to him, he has tasted both the bitter and sweet aspects of life. He says that before he was a multimillionaire that we all know, back in 1991, he used to be very notorious and would get high on weed.

This Philanthropic law maker shared a photo back in the days with the caption. “I was a very notorious boy. Bangi ndio zilikuwa zangu but i thank God 25 yrs down the line, I’m completely reformed.”


We all know him as a good role model and a great leader for the youth in Kenya. This post on his weed smoking days might be a real encouragement for some of the young men in Kenya that it is never too late to quit. It might also be a way that most of the youth can identify with him.

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