These Are The Ridiculous Things Kenyans On Social Media Had To Say About Uhuru Kenyatta Son’s Girlfriend

Since the first son, Jomo Kenyatta made his girlfriend known to the public; Kenyans on social media have not given the couple any sought of peace. This is especially after a photo of the couple hand in hand was released to the public. The unfortunate incident was obviously caused by strong wind blowing on the chiffon dress the girl was wearing. However, the belt she had on the dress did not seem to help the situation as it made her dress shift in a weird way that made it seem as if her boobs were saggy in a not so cool way.

The comments flowing on social media were far from tasteful as majority suggested that the first son’s girlfriend has saggy boobs and suggesting she did not have a good sense of fashion.

It is however very clear from the picture that it was all caused by the wind. Individuals on social media will however always have something to say.

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