This Is How A Mother Of Two Begun Her Year After Voicing Her Interest In Politics To Her Husband

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A mother of two was recently beaten like a dog by her husband. This is after she voiced her interest in vying for the senatorial seat come 2017. Eunice Leshunet was left with a black eye and very bad bruises on her body after the incident. Her husband says that he likes when things are done the way he wants them to be done and not otherwise.

it is not known whether her husband was made to pay for his actions or not. Kenyans on social media were however enraged by the incidence and suggest that the authorities take an action in making him pay for what he did. They believe that it was the man’s intention to make the woman do what he wanted by beating her until she submit to him.

The lady made it known on Facebook what her husband had done. This is what she said;

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