This Is Why Kiharu Mp, Irungu Kang’ata is Kenya’s Poorest Mp

For those in power, money is one of those tools you cannot do without. However, for some money isn’t everything in fact they would rather do with less than more. Kiharu MP, Irungu Kang’ata is one of those people who clearly fits this description. Even though he earns almost KSH 1,000,000 per month, he is not extravagant he invests in projects and gives most of it away. His mode of dressing is also surprising. Unlike his colleagues expensive suits, electronic devices and cars are not a priority. He still drives an old battered Toyota Corolla and the most expensive piece of technology he’s ever owned is his phone which is worth around 10,000. He’s simplistic lifestyle once got him ejected from the canteen reserved for MPs. The guards there thought he was a driver and was forced to produce some form of identification to prove he was in fact an MP.

His way of life has enabled him to interact more freely with his constituents. He’s also gained a good following due to the massively successful water projects he introduced in his constituency. For those who may not know this, Mr Kang’ata first burst into the public limelight after represented a guard, Rebecca Kerubo against then Deputy CJ Nancy Baraza. Ms Baraza had been accused of slapping Kerubo at the village market when she insisted on searching her. After he won the case Ms Baraza was forced to step down.

His strong notion of representing the poor against an unjust system will probably land him a better position in politics come 2017 during the next general election.

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