Fury Of A Pregnant Woman Causes Her To Expose Her Baby Daddy’s 7 “Mpango Wa Kandos”.

You never mess with an angel because you can simply raise her devilish antidote. This is a sure notion that our modern Kenyan women seem to be tightly embracing in their daily life. The social media sites have been experiencing shock and disbelief in the last few days after a pregnant woman hacked her baby Daddy’s social media accounts exposing his dirty secrets and his doggie lifestyle with his 7 “mpango wa kandos”.

The expectant mother decided to take this bold step after she realized that she has not been hitting the sheets with her hubby alone, but a group of seven other women. The daring pregnant woman goes by the name Wilta Sharaon and she openly exposed her hubby’s lusts. The highly sensually crazed Ochoya happens to go by the nickname Joe Biden Titu. He has been referred to as a serial philanderer who will not let any skirt pass him without him turning his head and later pursuing it as his next prey.

We have some of these photos that will definitely cause many of our women folks to be very keen in the dating game and avoid opening their legs too soon.



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