This Is How A Lady In Umoja Lost Her 3-Week-Old Baby To A Young Arab Man In A Bizarre Incident

A 24 year old man is the prime suspect of having abducted a newly born baby after visiting one of his supposed customers who frequents his hotel. The man who has been identified as Luqmaan Omar aka ‘Pesa Chafu’ works at Malindi dishes where the woman used to enjoy delicious Swahili dishes.

Attempts to reach him have been futile and Mercy Ndula and her hubby are running out of options on how to get their baby back. The Umoja lady was in deep pain as she narrated how her 3-week-old baby disappeared while in the care of Mr. Omar. The woman stated that she knew the suspect well since she frequented his hotel often during her pregnancy. At the time she had developed an insatiable crave for the rare Swahili dishes.

The two develop a friendship and Omar even asked for her contacts so that he can always prepare her meals at the right time. After she stopped going to the hotel located on Luthuli Avenue during the final stages of her pregnancy, Omar called to visit her on 31st December 2015 only to disappear with her young one. Despise frequent searches by Buruburu police, Omar is yet to be traced. Rumors indicate that the suspect may have fled to Arusha-Tanzania.




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