This Is The Daring Young Man Who Boldly Asked President Uhuru Kenyatta For His Daughter’s Hand In Marriage

A young man from Tana River has gained a lot of attention from Kenyans after he boldly asked president, Uhuru Kenyatta for his daughter’s hand in marriage. This happened at Mombasa State house where the president had gone to have a meeting with a number of youth from different counties in Mombasa.

President, Barrack Obama was also in a similar situation when daring Kenyan men pleaded with him to give them her daughter. Obama did not respond to this, he only made sure to visit Kenya on his own, living his family behind. Uhuru Kenyatta however gave Kenyans a good laugh with the response he gave the young man. The president told the young man to approach his daughter Ngina Kenyatta on his own and if he succeeded, he should expect the president to celebrate the Christmas holiday in Tana River.

The young man seemed so confident in himself and might be up for the challenge. Let’s wait and see what transpires next.

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