If You Are A Fan Of Those Dirty Suggestive Morning Shows Or Busting Cheating Spouses, You May Be Very Disappointed To Hear This

The Communication Authority of Kenya has set new guidelines on the kind of content TV and radio stations should air between 5 am and 10 pm. There will be no discussions bordering on sensual content between such times in these media platforms. TV stations will have to adjust their programming as adverts which carry sensual innuendos and are alcoholic in nature will have to be broadcast after 10pm. This comes at a time when radio stations feature suggestive shows in the morning that have become a staple for prurient conversations. Many listeners always tune in to listen to the raunchy topics despite the content.

The Communication Authority in a move that will kill the drama in radio has also banned the busting of cheating couples saying that the other party must be informed. This directive will definitely dampen the mood of radio listeners who enjoy contributing to sensual matters in the morning. This move by the CA mirrors that of the Kenya Film Classification Board late last year which banned some adverts rom Prime Time over concerns that they promote irresponsible sexual behaviour.

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