This Is The Woman From Wajir Who Has A Knife Stuck In Her Head After She Was Stabbed By Her Husband

Sometimes relationships turn sour and differences may arise. In some cases, an argument may be followed by domestic violence to a certain degree. If things get out of hand the violence may cause a fatality. Unfortunately, these types of scenarios have become all too common in Kenya and something has to be done to curb this vice. On Wednesday evening a 32-year-old lady by the name Fatuma Ibrahim, was attacked by her husband and stabbed in the face. Miraculously, she did not succumb to the fatal blow. However, her injury was so severe that she had to be airlifted from Wajir County Referral Hospital to Nairobi by the AMREF Flying Doctors.

Fatuma who is a mother of four has a knife lodged in her skull. Doctors now have to perform a delicate surgical procedure to ensure that the knife is safely removed. Once her pictures were posted online, social media users were left in disbelief. Most are now calling on the prosecution of the senseless man who had the nerve to carry out such an atrocious act.

Here are some of the pictures taken of her in hospital


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