Drunk CMB Prezzo Throws His Manners Out The Window And Wildly Salivates Over Newly Wed KTN Presenter Betty Kyalo On Live Tv

When Jeff Koinange’s interview with a seemingly drunk Tony Gachoka was aired a few months ago, it was named as one of the worst interviews that ever happening on live TV. However CMB Prezzo has decided to steal the spotlight while wildly salivating over Newly Wed KTN Presenter Betty Kyalo . The entire episode was painful and uncomfortable for those who got to watch yesterday’s guest Anchor on KTNs Friday briefing.

A visibly drunk prezzo who was the guest presenter on the popular show, which is usually hosted by Betty Kyalo at 9 pm threw his manners out the window. Starting off, he couldn’t help showing just how expensively he was dressed, particularly his chains and shoes. Worse still his drunkenness was portrayed clearly when he was asked to read the news, which he avoided, irritating Betty in the process. When asked some questions regarding his social life, especially on his relationship status, Prezzo became dodgy. He finally made a move on Betty and even claimed he was dating her.

Betty who seemed to have just had enough, appeared to be on the verge of slapping the day lights out of him. With this happening the only two explanations given for such behavior, is that he really is a drop out who can’t seem to read and it was all an act, or worse still he is a fisi who is keen on destroying other people’s homes.
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Following the interview Prezzo’s own mother had to call in to ask KTN viewers forgive him. What a shame!

presso embarassing himself
prezzo behaving badly


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Here is the video

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