This Is How I Bought My House, Waiguru Finally Speaks After Resigning As Devolution Cabinet Secretary

After the 791 million saga had devolution cabinet secretary Anne Waigiru resign from her Job, for the very first time, she has come out to speak on how she bought her massive house. She decided to come out in response to David Ndii’s article in the Saturday Nation entitled “What Magufuli Presidency means for Uhuru’s reign”. In the article David Ndii had stated that if it was not for Waiguru, NYS would not have fallen as her reign had been marred by numerous corruption cases.

Speaking on the matter she faulted the writer, stating that it was the first time that corruption money was recovered due to her whistleblowing. She further pointed out that the corruption speech is all about fears by the opposition that Jubilee will still win in the coming 2017 general elections. However, when speaking on how she acquired her 150 million mansion in the leafy suburbs of Kitisuru Neighborhood, she was quick to state that her house is not from corruption money.


With her statement out for all to interpret, Kenyans have to stop and see if she really is the victim or she is just a very good liar whose been caught.

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