Prezzo Causes Gun Drama at KTN

prezzo behaving badly
Jackson Ngechu Makini aka Prezzo’s mother, Dinna Bhoke Makini is very devastated following her son’s reaction at Standard Media Group on Friday. Prezzo was scheduled to be a delightful guest on Betty Okari’s Friday briefing show but things did not go as planned.

When he arrived, the security guards instructed him to have his crew go through the check unit as per procedures but he would not hear of it. Instead of following instructions, he pulled out a gun and pointed it at the security guards.

Apart from this, he arguably also sexually assaulted the newly married Betty Okari. Even after the TV host warned him several times, he still went ahead to touch and put his hands over her shoulders. Dennis Okari her husband was not pleased and he made it known on social media. Dinna Bhoke Makini pleaded with Prezzo’s fans to pardon his deeds. Viewers however displayed their frustrations on social media and it does not seem like they will be pardoning him any time soon.

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