This Is Probably What You Have Been Eating While Enjoying Fried Chicken And Chips In Nairobi

A few months back some Kenyans stopped feasting on fast food chicken after many found out they were becoming ill and having unexplained stomach aches. Following these reports eateries had to cleaned up their act and started serving clean tasty chicken to the delight of many.

However, it seems like the menace is back as two men caught on camera were seen delivering marabou birds to eateries in the CBD. The two men recorded were on motorcycles, each had their own birds tightly tied on the back seat.

This attracted the attention of some onlookers, as this was a bizarre discovery. Although one may argue that they are edible, they are known not only to eat the refuse at Dandora dump site, but also eat decaying flesh from anywhere they get their beaks into. In simple terms the toxicity levels in the marabou birds is high. Kenyan will now have to take extra care when ingesting something they haven’t prepared on their own.

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