Unbelievable!! This Is How Kenyan Conmen Are Now Making Money From The Dead

It is shocking to realize that Kenyan conmen have decided to use deceased persons they know nothing about as a source of income. Unlike in the past where the dead were not only respected but also feared, fraudsters have come up with ways to generate money from them. Without any sympathy about the pain that comes with losing your loved ones, these conmen buy newspapers sections to appeal for medical assistance from people who are yet to receive the news.

Despite the hard economic times, making money from the dead should be the last thing that anyone can think about. This perturbing news comes after a photo of such a situation was shared all over social media recently. The photo showed cut outs of a death announcement and another one asking for medical help for the same person. Apparently, conmen can do anything to get money now that we have heard stories of stolen caskets from graves among other incidents.

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