This Is How A Renowned Catholic Priest Impregnated A Bar Lady

Even as controversy concerning the religious fraternity is ongoing due to the new religious legislation, a woman, Janet Nyokabi, has come out to claim that a priest impregnated her and went on to neglect the baby. The priest at the eye of the storm is Father Peter Mwaura who has since denied Janet’s allegations. She chronicled events that led to her impregnating saying that they met in 2004 in a pub where he seduced her. She says that he never told her that he was a priest until she went through his things and found a magazine which showed him as a priest in a diocese in Wyoming, USA. She says the priest has been supporting them but cut links in 2013.

The bitter lady says that she is ready for a DNA test to prove that she is right while the catholic priest has already involved his lawyers over the matter. Janet has tried looking for justice but she says the Catholic Church in Kenya have refused to help her since Fr. Mwaura is not in their jurisdiction. Since 2013, she has sought justice but it seems to elude her.

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