This Is The Heartless Nurse Who’s Conned Cancer Of More Than Ksh 400,000

Medical practitioners are supposed to be guided by the Hippocratic Oath: “First, do no harm” in their endeavors but members of the Kenyan medical world seem to not acknowledge this. First came the controversial doctor Mugo wa Wairimu who contravened this oath by allegedly raping his patient and now a nurse by the name of Lawrence Ikahu Gichini is in the limelight for conning cancer victims of ksh.400, 000 of their hard earned money.

Most people would balk at the idea of conning people who are already fighting such a heavy battle no matter how hungry they are for money but not Lawrence Gichini. The nurse in question met up with members of Amica, a group of like-minded cancer survivors and proposed a business idea where they would partner to supply colostomy bags to those in need as well as wound dressing materials. The group produced the sh. 400,000 startup capital and was to receive a monthly stipend of sh.40, 000 and get back their initial capital at the end of the year. However the group only got sh.40, 000 for the first month, and then got involved in a game of hide and seek by the nurse, They have not seen a penny since.

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