This Is The Man Who Is Suspected Of Having Murdered Kalenjin Songbird Diana Chelele

chelele murdered
The husband to the slain Kalenjin songbird Diana Chelele has been arrested. Eric Musila, , a police officer, who has been in hiding was arrested by the flying squad and is suspected to have taken part in his wife’s murder. This comes just a day after an audio recorded by the songbird went viral. In the audio which was translated by Barbara Chepkoech a former Tahidi high actress, Chelele reveals how bad her relationship was with her husband. In part the prayer reveals this chilling statement, “It will come a day that he will kill me, he has tortured our children and everyday he holds a knife at me and says he wants to kill me”.

Here is a longer excerpt of the prayer

During her last moments, some witnesses who are helping with investigations revealed that they saw Chelele being accompanied by Musila and another unidentified person into her home. A while later she was found dead lying in a pool of blood.

Previously, Musila, had been accused of murdering a land surveyor on suspicion that he was seeing his wife, something that Chelele denied in the audio saying that she has never slept with the surveyor.

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