Vera Sidika And Her Bodyguard Hurt After Brutal Attack In A Bottle Fight

The bad blood between Vera Sidika and Pendo reached an all time high when Pendo took a scene out of the Hunger Games and launched an attack on Miss Vee. The two who star in the show, Nairobi Diaries which follows the lives of the various popular socialites and showbiz personalities in the city, got into an altercation which ended in Pendo throwing a bottle at Vera. Her security however stepped in, taking the full impact and getting a nasty cut in the process. Vera also suffered minor injuries to the hand and feet and they both checked into a hospital in the city to be attended to with Vera vowing to take legal action against Pendo.

The fight was allegedly prompted by Pendo’s jealousy streak over the reality show. This is not the first time that she has hit the news for ratchet behavior as she was accused of stealing a ‘kabambe’ phone in 2013 and got two ‘Kidero-like’ slaps for her troubles. Vera may be contemplating leaving the show after the fight but the story is far from over that’s for sure.

Here is a video of them receiving treatment at the hospital:

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