This Is What You Probably Didn’t Know About The Tragic Al-Shabab Attack On KDF In Somali

According to an article by standard media, the soldiers that were killed and injured in Somali at El Adde belong to the 9TH Kenya Rifles Formation based in Eldoret. The soldiers arrived in Somalia two days before the attack on road. The KDF soldiers who are under AMISOM are usually deployed for some time and rotated within Somalia before being replaced with other soldiers.

Sources say that it will be very difficult to identify the bodies since they were badly dismembered during the attack following the massive explosions. They however said that it might be possible to identify some of the bodies with the tags on the soldiers which contain information on blood group, names and other details. Identity information will also be conducted through DNA sequencing of the soldiers’ next of kin once the body parts have all been collected.

The Somalia National Army (SNA) usually helps the KDF but they are not allowed to enter their camps. The SNA are also lightly armed compared to the KDF. Unlike a permanent barracks’ the KDF’S base in Gedo is located in an area that is clear and secured with watchtowers. There are also armed sentries atop armoured personnel carriers (APC). The soldiers not only move into the APC but also make patrols in towns where they are backed up by fixed-wing jet fighters and helicopters in some missions.

Although there are Special Forces that have arrived by air, there are certain Kenyan forces that have not been able to get to El Adde. This is believed to be due to lack of dependable intelligence and the fear that the place may be rigged with explosives.

If confirmations are made, the toll that is said to be over 60 would mean that more than half of the soldiers stationed in the camp have been wiped out in the explosion since there was a total of 150 soldiers under the command of an officer.

The Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED) is what the suicide bomber used to wipe out the Kenyan soldiers. He drove it into the camp and stationed it at the centre where he detonated a bomb with a 200 meters radius. Reports say that more than one VBIED was detonated.

Kenya’s military command authorized teams of search and rescue to find missing soldiers as well as to attack the militants responsible for the attack. Investigations are being conducted to find out whether or not local residents and members of the SNA played a part in the attack. The fact that all the residents of E Adde fled before the attack shows that they were aware of the attack.

The Marehan have for a long time resented KDF since the 2011 attack and the capture of El Adde. There is therefore a great chance they were involved since they make up the majority of Al-Shabab militants.
Meanwhile, it has been established that the VBIED used was made from Armoured Personnel Carrier that was captured from Burundian peacemakers.

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