This Is How This Two Money Fraudsters Where Arrested With Millions Of Fake Currency In Nairobi

Detectives arrested two suspected international West African swindlers with 8 suitcases having more than $600 million and 360 million Euros in Nairobi’s ritzy Diamond Park Estate.
The two, who go by the name, Ousman Ibrahim Bako, a Cameroonian and Mohammed Sani, otherwise known as Dr. Mustafa, from Niger were seized on Friday by detectives acting on a lead.

This information was made known to the police by an individual who claimed to have been defrauded of more than sh.40 million in exchange for foreign currency shipped from Syria.

The detectives found $693,100,000 (sh. 71,004,282,950) and 369,600.000 euros (sh. 41,246,450,628.77) in the suitcases. Other items that were also recovered include money printing equipment, paper cutters, chemicals, masks, five safes and foils.

Kenya’s Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet described the two as top-dogs coordinating a transnational counterfeit hard currency syndicate, conning people of huge chunks of money.
The two are alleged to have conned a business-man-cum-politician of more than sh. 40milion. They claimed that they would double the amount.

Boinnet adds that the two are behind a racket that prints money and exchanges it for legit currency. He further says that police have in the past received complaints from the Camoros government that foreigners in Kenya are printing counterfeit money and that the cash is in circulation.

The inspector warned that such characters will not be condoned.
Residents termed the two individuals as loners who kept to themselves and did not allow anyone into their home.

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