This Is Why Julie Gichuru Cannot Cook Despite Being A Mother Of Four

Women in every part of the world have managed to do very well in almost all industries. There is however a lot of expectation from the society for women to perform well in other areas of their lives as well. Apart from doing great in their careers, they also need to be great at being mothers, wives and most importantly home makers.

Julie Gichuru is one of the women in Kenya who seems to have figured out how to balance everything. She is a mother of four, an entrepreneur, a journalist and she recently got into sports. Julie seems to be good at it all. This is why it was a shock for many people when Julie revealed that she cannot cook.

On her interview with Larry she was asked what she couldn’t do since all the things she does are quite amazing and her response was that she is not a good cook and sports are not her forte either. No one is perfect after all.
Here is the video courtesy of NTV kenya

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