This Is Why Maina Kageni Is A Tortoise And A Chicken AT The Same Time

Yes! Maina kageni is a tortoise because he chickened out of a skydiving plan. Well, there is chicken and tortoise in the same sentence and nothing makes sense. The truth is that Maina Kageni was supposed to go skydiving but opted not to basing his argument that he is a tortoise. You might be wondering what tortoises have to with skydiving… they have nothing to do with skydiving. First, they obviously cannot skydive and secondly, they live a rather less risky life and would not be caught skydiving any day.

This is at least the explanation Maina Kageni had as an excuse not to jump off a plane thousands of feet from the ground. He argued that he wants to live longer and jumping off a plane is one of those activities that would compromise his dreams of living a hundred and something years. Now you know, Maina Kageni is a man who is a chicken and a tortoise, confusing, right?

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