Kenya’s Hottest Preacher Talks About Her Love Life And What She Would Want In A Man


Reverend Lucy Natasha according to Kenyans is the hottest preacher in the country. This is a title that has earned her a lot of followers and on social media. Mike Sonko seems to be a fan as well as he recently invited the Reverend to preach to him. This got a lot of Kenyan’s attention as they accused Mike Sonko of ‘nyemelearing’ the hot preacher. The two however said that the accusations were not true.

The interest Kenyans have shown about the Reverend’s love life lead her to open up about her love life. Her revelations came as a shock to many people. This is what she said,’ I am currently single and my ideal man is one who is God fearing, confident and with appositive attitude towards life. He will have to be a friend in a life and a partner in the ministry. It is important for single women to know that they can serve the Lord even while single.’

She also advised young ladies not to sit around waiting for a man. She said that all women should be devoted to their calling and a man will come at God’s appointed time.

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