This Is The Real Reason Why Diamond Will Not Do A DNA Test On His Daughter Tiffah

Diamond seemed fed up with social media fans that have been all up in his business about the paternity of his daughter Tiffah. The Bongo artiste spoke up about the issue on Millard Ayo’s show stating that he was hurt by what people are saying and writing about Tiffah who is an angel and did not deserve such bashing. His statement in part was a reality check to the individuals making the hurtful comments: “To the people saying that she’s not my kid, just do your thing, it’s not your issue nor does it concern you.”

Zari Hassan, Diamond’s baby mama had also come under attack after she gave birth on August 6, 2015 and Diamond had this to say in her defense: “Look at her, she has three kids and she is beautiful both inside and out” adding that she looked better than others out there who had yet to give birth. The paternity of Tiffah has been a topic of controversy with a relative of Zari’s ex-husband, King Lawrence suing for paternity on August 14th a week after the birth of Tiffah, but now Diamond it seems will not take it anymore and is ready to go to town when it comes to his family.

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