Here Is A Shocking Video Of How A Suspected Nairobi City Council Officer Beats And Stabs A Hawker

With the hard economic times, everyone is looking for a way to earn a living. Lack of jobs has made many people including graduates to become hawkers. However, being a hawker especially in Nairobi is not easy. Nothing scares hawkers than Nairobi City council officers. Askaris are supposed to promote a good business environment, which is not the case at the CBD.

he videos doing rounds all over the internet are not only scary but also discourage potential customers. Besides the cut throat competition, their worst fear is meeting city council police. It looks like the Askaris do not know that every Kenyan is innocent until proven guilty. Hawkers have a right to access legal services and not being stabbed or shot. It is their right to benefit from their taxes. The central government has to address this if they want to control unemployment. Hawking and other small business enterprises are a vital source of employment to numerous low as well as middle class Kenyans.

Here is the video from Mike Sonkos Page:

RESPONSE ON THE PRESS RELEASE REGARDING ALLEGATIONS OF HAWKERS BRUTALITY BY NAIROBI CITY COUNTY PERSONELL.I wish to thank Dr. Evans Kidero for coming out to distance himself from the City Hall mafia-like cartel that has been brutally murdering innocent hawkers. However, his claim that the clips that have been circulating on brutality on hawkers were captured in 2013 before the current administration took over from the defunct Nairobi City Council is not correct. To the best of my knowledge, I have in my possession several CCTV clips captured in 2014 and this was under Dr. Kidero's administration.( watch the below attached video carefully)In my honest opinion, I want to believe that the arrested Askari's invoked Dr. Kidero's name alleging that they have been acting on orders from above. It is imperative to note that the Director of City Inspectorate during the times of Nairobi City Council is still the same man holding the same position and giving orders to kill hawkers. It is high time my friend the Governor overhauls the entire Inspectorate Department. The reshuffle the Governor made in his cabinet and redeploying of some officers I believe will further help in service delivery. My commitment to continue working closely with Dr. Kidero is still in force and it's for the sake of development and service delivery provided we address corruption and get rid of all corrupt cartels that landed in Nairobi County from Mumias and have been up in arms to fleece our great county just the same way they did to Mumias Sugar Factory.However, my attention has been drawn to wild, baseless and malicious allegations that my involvement in assisting hawkers get fair treatment in the hands of brutal city Askaris is aimed at getting political mileage ahead of 2017 elections. I wish to categorically dismiss such uncalled for allegations and that I cannot and shall not play politics with the lives and future of Nairobi vendors, Nairobi residents and Kenyans at large. This is not time to play politics, this is time to deliver on the election pledges we gave to the electorate. I vividly remember top of my campaign agenda was to address the hawkers menace. I cannot play politics when the people I swore to protect are being butchered like animals. Its my constitutional mandate to protect the lives and interests of my people. I would also wish to dismiss those speculating that I am preparing grounds to contest either the Machakos, Mombasa, Kilifi or Kwale gubernatorial seat in 2017 as cheap propaganda meant to divert attention from real issues affecting the people of Nairobi. I wish to assure my supporters and Nairobi residents in general that I have no intention to relocate my political base from Nairobi. As to which seat I will go for in 2017, I will leave it to my supporters and the Great people of Nairobi to decide whether to defend my Senatorial seat, go for governor, MP or MCA and I swear to respect their wise decision. One thing I am sure of is that I will not vie for the Presidency or Deputy Presidency.I further wish to congratulate Governor Dr. Evans Kidero for undertaking to dialogue with the hawkers' representatives to seek a lasting solution to their problems. Further, his assurance and commitment that his government and the Inspector General of Police will protect hawkers and the business community is a move in the right direction. I also wish to thank the governor for the good work that has seen Nairobi listed in the top 20 of the most successful cities for its innovation and capacity to reinvent itself. I salute you bwana Governor.

Posted by Mike Sonko. on Monday, 25 January 2016

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