Journalist Yassin Juma, Defends The One-Finger Salute After His Release

Yassin Juma, a journalist cum blogger has come out to explain the hand sign he showed after being released from prison. The accused was arrested on Saturday at around 8 pm after eight detective officers entered his residence in Donholm. According to Yassin, he had just come from the hospital when the police hand cuffed him. After his arrest, the police took him to his house where they conducted a thorough search before escorting him to the police station.

His arrest came after he posted photos on his blog and social media accounts showing Al- Shabaab attack that took place on the Kenyan military camp located in El- Adde, Somali. Many people have attributed the one finger sign with Al- Shabaab Sympathizers. On the contrary, Yassin alleges that the sign indicates oneness of God and the tribulations that human beings go through in this world. He adds that God is one and there is no entity that is powerful, merciful and magnificent as the Lord.

Here is the picture of the blogger with his friends.

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