This Is How Much Vera Sidika Used For Her Breast Surgery

Vera Sidika is keeping her status as the bonafide Kenyan socialite true to form. She has already undergone an immense transformation to keep herself beautiful and fresh. As it has been talked about for several weeks now, Vera’s dash seems to have grown in size igniting rumours of breast surgery. The socialite finally caved in to the speculation by admitting that indeed she had breast surgery and it cost her $21,000 which translates to 2.1 million Kenya shillings. This is dump change for the socialite who used sh 50 million to undergo skin lightening. They look good and well balanced as she revealed in some revealing pictures she shared.

The procedure looks to have gone well for her and as she gets paid to look good at events and this is bound to get her more money to trump her fiercest rival Huddah Monroe. While her bleaching job had mixed reactions, her breast surgery certainly looks like it is holding on firmly at the moment. We will just wait and see whether there will be any mishaps in the nearby future.

Here are some more pics:


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