Diamond’s Father Says He Shed Tears For Not Being Invited To His Grandchild’s Party

On September 21st 2015, Diamond, the Tanzanian Hit Musician held a facial unveil party for her daughter Tiffany. Diamond’s father Abdul Juma was not invited to this celebration. He says that he shed tears upon hearing that his granddaughter had been born and he was not invited to the party. He says that he heard from people that his son had a daughter and only found out about the facial unveil party from a newspaper.

While on The Weekend Chat Show on Clouds TV last Saturday, he said that he had been in contact with Diamond’s mother but she never informed him concerning the party. He said he is saddened by the fact that he found out about the existence of Diamond’s baby 40 days after she was born.

He apologized to Diamond for any wrong he might have done and reminded him that he always has a place in his heart.

Diamond was raised by his mother only when his parents separated when he was at the age of 6. He has previously talked of the struggles he and her mother faced and what great support her mother has been in his career.

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