This Is Why The Court Released The Man Who Brutally Beat Up A Pregnant Lady Even After A Viral Video Capturing The Whole Incident Surfaced Online

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The disturbing video of a 6-month pregnant woman being assaulted by her husband on the Monday of February 1st in Lang’ata while neighbours stood idly by went viral after Boniface Mwangi shared it online. The activist was critical of the neighbours’ behavior who chose to film the incident instead of coming to the woman’s rescue.

However as the matter unfolded, it appeared that this was actually a last-ditch attempt at helping the woman albeit in a rather round-about way. The 22-year old woman identified as Justa Kawira has been a victim of her husband’s wrath before. Oduor, a neighbour, told the press that they have done everything possible for her including feeding her and her child, housing her after she was kicked out at night by John Wachira, her 30-year old husband and raising money when she was left with nothing. Oduor continues to state that the night before the incident another neighbour had accompanied him to the police station to ask for intervention from the law and the response was for them to leave the matter well alone as their interference could lead to their arrest. The police said that they could not interfere in the matter if Kawira did not file charges.

The Monday incident was brought about when Kawira found her husband and his friend in the house taking pictures of their household items and on questioning him, he turned violent. He smacked her before dragging her to the house where he rained blows on her despite her condition. The video shows her exiting from the house with blood dripping her face and splatters all over the house before she collapsed in the verandah after which neighbours took her to Lang’ata Hospital. According to the Daily Nation, Resident Magistrate Miriam Mugure dismissed the case stating the lack of a formal statement and P3 form from the victim were grounds for dismissal.

Here is the video shared by Boniface Mwangi incase you missed it.

She was assaulted by her husband in the presence of her neighbours. She was dragged in the house while bystanders watched without helping and the images that follow after she is dragged into the house are horrific,she is bleeding. The man beating is her husband and she is a silent domestic violence victim. Her neighbours are silent too. This man would have killed her and the neighbours wouldn't have lifted a finger. The man was arrested but released after the victim refused to press charges. She is six months pregnant, afraid,jobless and currently admitted at Langata Hospital. I'm sharing this video with permission from her and her dad. #TeamCourage

Posted by Boniface Mwangi on Wednesday, 3 February 2016

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