This Is The Jobless Man From The Lake Side Who Shouted Uhurus Name To Get A Job

Cries of “serikali saidia”, “tunaomba serikali” and other commonplace colloquialisms rarely result in the people making these pleas being accorded the help they ask for. For some however, like Jane Anyango Adika who became famous for her pleas to the government to help her locate her husband and children two years in a row after the Nyando floods, her plea was her ticket to employment and a well-paying gig with Safaricom. One Philemon Awando decided to try his luck with the same tactic and called out to the president as his motorcade went by during the head of state’s visit to the lakeside region last week.

The 20-year old, diploma graduate has been jobless since 2012 made the desperate yet bold move as a last-ditch attempt to get a job, hopeful that the president would grant him an audience and of course pull some strings that would land him a job. Calling out “Rais! Rais!” proved more effective than endless tarmacing and disappointing interviews as the president turned to him and asked him his issue and later called him to confirm that he had arranged to find him a job with the Youth and Gender Affairs ministry. Things are looking up for the 20-year old who took a risk and hoped for mercy.

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