Is Ray C Back to Drug Use?

Ray has distanced her name from claims that she is back to her past life of drug use and abuse. The musician who was in a rehabilitation center for a long period of time said that she gained a lot of help from the centre and that she is not about to use drugs again. The claims were propagated by a Tanzanian tabloid that claimed to have evidence of where she gets her drugs from. However, the gifted musician says that the tabloid is using this as an opportunity to sell their publications while tarnishing her name.

Ray C’s promising career as a top celebrated East African songstress came tumbling down in 2012 due to drug addiction that called for the support of her fans. This in turn enabled her to seek help from a rehabilitation centre. She now challenges the tabloid to produce some of her recent photos abusing the drugs so that the public can believe their claims. She claims the report is based on selfish interest and that she will not use drugs as she now heads an anti-drugs campaign to eradicate and advocate for an end to drug use.

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