This Is How A Tree Tree Fell Down On A Matatu, Killing Five And Injuring Eight In Kangemi Area


A huge tree fell atop a Nakuru-bound matatu of the Prestige Shuttle fleet on Wednesday evening resulting in the death of five people, four of whom were passengers and the fifth, a bodaboda rider who was caught in the fall. Police on the scene said that the humongous tree toppled over because its roots had become loose with age. The backside of the matatu was completely flattened hence the fatalities while the other eight passengers who suffered serious injuries were rushed to the nearby Kikuyu Hospital for treatment.

The fire department was called upon to trim and remove the tree from the vicinity lest it causes anymore harm. Mohamed Rashid, Dagoretti OCPD implored officials to carry out checks on trees close to the roads to prevent such occurrences and keep travelers and the surrounding communities safe. The incident caused a major traffic jam on the busy highway before efforts were made to tow the vehicle, remove the tree and disperse the large crowd that had gathered.

Here are more pictures of the incident.





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