Even With All The Money And Cars That He Owns This Is What Maina Kageni Shamelessly Uses For His House Curtains

It is expected for a bachelor to have a house that it ‘manly’ and most bachelors get away with it without a single blame. Kenyan’s however did not allow Maina Kageni to get away with this upon seeing the curtains he has in his house.

Kenyans got to see his house when he decided to show off a delicious meal he claimed to have prepared himself. There were however some highly esteemed chefs in his kitchen as well. Some of these were; Ali Mandhry, K24’s Kikwetu Super Chef and NTV’s Kenyan Cuisine with a Twist among others.

It was obvious that Ali is the one who prepared the meal. This however is not what got people’s attention. The thing that got Kenyan’s attention is Maina’s impoverished looking curtains on the background. Individuals with very keen sight said that Maina had a Kikoi for a curtain. This is quite sad considering we all know he can afford much better.

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