This Is The Disturbing Reason Why A Man Chopped Off Wife’s Breast And His Own Manhood During Valentine’s Day

As you were waiting for flowers from your loved ones, a man chopped off his wife’s breast. This incident happened after he suspected that the wife was dishing out her pie to his blood brother. The man did not spare himself as he chopped off his manhood and disposed it outside their house in a shocking love triangle. The woman was able to narrate her story to journalists.

Kiganjo village residents in Thika are surprised by the act and it took the effort of a neighbor to notice that her husband had lost his penis. The wife, Margaret Achieng, was rushed to Thika Level Five Hospital. Her husband was also later taken to this facility for reconstruction as his wife underwent successful stitching.

The police were summoned to the scene to help the victims and collect necessary evidence. According to the reports from doctors, the woman is recovering well while the husband will need further examination after surgery.

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