This Is The Real Reason Why Kenya’s Hottest Cop Will Never Get Married

Constable Brenda Wanjiru has got a lot of people’s attention ever since she came into the scene. Compared to Brenda Wairimu her namesake celebrity actor, she has more coverage.

Brenda Wanjiru is however very deserving of the attention she gets from her good looks. She also seems to have a very balanced and maintained life. She recently revealed some very interesting information about her former life and her strong views about marriage.

First and foremost, Brenda Wanjiru does not have plans of ever getting married. This might be heart breaking for many Kenyan men who may have had some hope of landing this beauty. She is however open to the idea of dating; so all hope is not lost. The fact that her dad left her mother while she was still young and her own experience with her daughter’s father is the main reason she does not consider marriage. According to her, she visualizes the man leaving her with a child once she decides to get married.

Brenda also said that she has simple expectations from a man. All she needs is a man who is respectful to family values and honest. She also gave some information on her worst date. The guy was to take her out for drinks but decided to tell all his friends to show up to see his new catch. One of his friends knowing Brenda was a cop decided to badmouth the police force. This obviously rubbed her the wrong way so she made an excuse and left the date.

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