This Is The New Expose Which Has Revealed Shocking Details Of How Waiguru Masterminded The NYS Scandal Leading To The Loss Of 791 Million Shillings

New details over the NYS scandal have emerged casting a shadow again over the integrity of former Devolution CS Anne Waiguru. Businesswoman Josephine Kabura sensationally claimed in a court affidavit that Waiguru was deeply involved in the NYS scandal. She chronicled events that led to the Jubilee Government’s worst scandal since taking power in 2013. She knew the former CS before she was appointed to the powerful Devolution ministry. She said that Waiguru invited her to her house asking her to carry her personal documents; copies of her ID and passport along with PIN certificate to facilitate the incorporation of companies which would later be revealed swindled money from the ministry.

In August and September of 2014, Kabura claims that the former CS introduced her to individuals to Adan Harakhe, Mutahi Ngunyi, Loise Mbarire, Hassan Noor and Waiguru’s PA Betty Maina. Hassan Noor was the director of administration at the ministry and also oversaw tenders being the chair of the tender committee. Loise Mbarire is Waiguru’s sister. Harakhe had interests in the administrative and financial structure of the NYS. The controversial Ngunyi was the NYS consultant.

Kabura says the Waiguru gave her a phone with a secure line which she was instructed to operate it only between 7am and 9am and 7pm and 9pm. She says that with the exception of Loise, the rest would be involved in processing of payments and tenders for goods supplied and services offered at the NYS. Loise’s role in the scandal was to move profits and pay supply agents. In October 2014, Kabura met with Waiguru’s PA where she gave her 7 copies of company certificates which had been incorporated by Waiguru. The businesswoman claims that Waiguru told her to open bank accounts for the companies at a specific Family bank branch. An employee at the bank Raphael Ndunda was to make sure there were no problems in operation of the accounts. In November 2014, she received her first local purchase order for construction materials for projects in Kibera.

Kabura says from then, Waiguru had full knowledge of the sh. 791 million scandalous payments. She says after CBK questioned the NYS dealings, Waiguru called her to her house and it was a stormy meeting where Mr. Harakhe was for processing orders behind their backs leading to the emergence of the scandal. In that meeting it was agreed that the former CS would do a backdated letter on the said stolen password that was blamed for the mess at the NYS. She was to act as the whistleblower and a Mr. Mugwanja was to take charge of investigations which would implicate small fish.

This new evidence will surely paint the EACC in bad light as the anti-corruption body cleared Waiguru last week over any responsibility in the NYS scandal.

Here is the NTV expose incase you missed it:

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