Avril’s Fiancé Spends Valentine’s Day With Another Woman

Musician Avril has got the attention of so many people on social media but it is not for good reasons. She started trending after people on social media saw a picture of her South Africa fiancé having a great time on Valentine’s Day with Big Brother winner Delish Mathews.
What got most people’s attention is the fact that Mr Muga, Avril’s fiancé was out with another woman on a day he ought to have been with his fiancé. In the photo Muga and Delish Mathew are seen enjoying some nyama choma in Namibia.

Delish Mathews also posted another photo after Valentine’s Day. In this photo, the two were at a very posh restaurant.

While Muga was away with Delish, Avril was in Kakamega for Valentine’s Day. She posted a photo of her and a chef at the Golf Hotel located in Kakamega.

Avril with Fiancé

Avril and Mr Muga got engaged back in 2014 and had been posting their pictures on social media but the number of pictures gradually declined. It is not known what the status of their relationship is.

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