These Are The Women Who Have Been Shamelessly Stealing From You In Restaurants As You Enjoy Your Meal


Three women who have in the past been terrorizing the residents of the city were caught red handed stealing from people who were at an eatery located in Koinange Street.

For a while now a number of women have been robbing city residents in placed most of them would not expect robberies to take place. Restaurants are the main targets for these women. Sometime in December last year, there were foreigners who were robbed in a restaurant by a gang of women along Kimati Street. They were in the country attending the WTO Ministerial conference that was held in Nairobi.

Yesterday, a similar incident happened, a gang of three women was caught trying to steal from people in an eatery along Koinange Street. The cameras at Domino’s Pizza caught them red handed taking people’s handbags. The person in charge of monitoring the cameras is the one who sounded the alarm and alerted the guards to arrest them. The women were humiliated and paraded in the eatery. They were later handed over to the police.


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