Mike Sonko Finally Admits To Being Polygamous And Introduces His Second Wife

Mike Sonko, Nairobi Senator has admitted to having more than one wife. He said that he only has two women in his life. This was in response to a comment a fan made on his official Facebook page.

The senator had uploaded a video on his Facebook page of a man who was caught red handed having an affair. He captioned the video,’Do you think we should take our Mpango Wa Kando to our matrimonial homes?’

Victor Kaunyagi, one of Sonko’s fan commented on the post by asking the senator where he usually takes his mpango wa kando. Mike Sonko replied to the comment by saying that he has two women in his life and he had utmost repsect for both of them especially the mother of his children. This comment got over 400 comments.

Sonko also asked Victor how many women he had. To this question, Victor replied by saying,” Your honesty makes you a good leader. Wengi wetu hapa hawawezi kubali hata wako na mama watoto.”

Mike Sonko’s wife Primrose is the biological mother of his third daughter but Saumu and Salma were both born by different mothers. All the children however live with Primrose.

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