Video: A Matatau Driver Does The Unthinkable As He Approaches An Alcoblow Roadblock Leaving His Passenger Horrified Beyond Words

matatu driver running
A matatu driver risked his life and those of his passengers when he hopped off the vehicle while it was still moving. The incident happened last night at a police road block in the city. The driver was ostensibly drunk and wanted to avoid the dreaded alcoblow. Before the matatu reached the roadblock, in a dramatic twist, the driver leaped out of the driver’s seat leaving the matatu unguided and ran very fast towards the other lane of the road as a police officer gave chase.

The other officers ensured that the matatu was under control as it ran over the spikes that had been placed on the road. From the video, a passenger can be heard fuming that the driver wanted to kill them. Whether the driver has been arrested is still unclear but he is in a lot of trouble as you would imagine. The passengers had to alight at the roadblock as their driver ran for the hills. That would most likely be the driver’s last day on the job all in an attempt to escape the alcoblow.

Here is the video of the entire incident:

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