This Is Why The Police Have Link The Project X Party To Terrorism

Project X is an event that is set to take place in Kileleshwa this Saturday. The people who attend the party have been promised drugs, strip shows and alcohol. This event is something that has become quite publicised. Police believe that this is an attempt to lure the young people in the country to terrorism activities.

George Kinoti, the police spokesman said that there are officers who have received orders to try and penetrate the event in order for them to get a chance to interrogate the people responsible for organising the party.

Mr. Kinoti said that they plan on being there before the terrorism plans are put into action since the police are aware that terrorists come up with new methods each and every time with the intention of disrupting the security of the nation.
He also said that the attention of the police has been drawn by the on-going advertisement of the party that they believe is associated with certain activities that might be against the law.

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