Tragedy In Zimmerman As A Four Storey Building Collapses

Last night, a four storey building collapsed in Zimmerman estate, Nairobi. Two years ago, the National Construction Authority and Nairobi Country officials had declared the building unsafe but no action had been taken so far. This came after the officials discovered that its contractor had not included pillars in the process of constructing the structure. Fortunately, there is no casualty case that has been reported following this tragic incident.

The occupants of the building had relocated in 2014 after it was declared unfit for residence. The accident led to the collapse of Mama Mboga stalls erected next to the building thereby forcing all those affected to keep their business closed. This has left many Kenyans wondering what could have happened if the residents had not ignored the warning from the county government. This serves a precaution to thousands of Kenyans putting up in buildings that have not met the required construction standards.

Here are more pictures of the tragedy:




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