This Is What Larry Madowo Surprisingly Scored In His KCSE

There is nothing that makes parents more proud than when their kids get straight A’s in KCSE. However, passing your secondary examinations and being successful in life are two different things. Have you ever thought about what Larry Madowo scored in his KCSE? Despite keeping it a top secret for many years, Larry has finally confessed that he failed his exams terribly.

According to the Larry, he flunked so badly to the point that his parents and relatives asked him to repeat form four so that he could score better grades. He added that, during the examination period, he spent sleepless nights but he never made it. He only managed to score a B minus. He also alleged that back then, examinations were not circulating on WhatsApp as reported in the 2015 national examinations. Apparently, KCSE examination results are meaningless considering the high number of A’s recorded across the country. The KNUT chairman Wilson Sossion even questioned the credibility of the results soon after they were released.

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