This Is Why The Photoshop Girl May Be Heading To China For Real

A woman known by the name Sevelyn (Gat’s) got the attention of many social media users and also became the butt of ridicule after the images she Photo shopped of her visit to China started making rounds on the internet.This woman apparently could not afford a visit to China and therefore decided to photo shop pictures of herself in different locations in China.

Sam Gichuru the founder of NaiLab upon knowing about the woman’s situation decided to raise some money with the help of his friends to help the woman live her dream of going to China.Sam Gichuru said that he could not afford the ticket on his own but with the help of his amazing friends; he would be able to raise enough money for her trip. He also said that he likes dreamers since he is also a dreamer.
Sam sees Sevelyn as an ambitious, humble and nice famer’s daughter, who simply got Photoshop to make her feel like she was actually in China.

Here are some of the pictures she put up:
Capture 2

Capture 23

Capture 33


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